Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Mount

Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Mount

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Looking for a safe and innovative way to store your mags on any surface? This, magnetic magazine holder is an efficient way to display and store your mags when not in use. This versatile magnetic strip will give you the flexibility to hang mags in your gun safe, display cabinet, vault room, or even throughout your home, office, or workspace. Because our Gun Storage Solutions mag holder has an adhesive backing , it will stick to smooth surfaces to create a quick and easy storage solution. It also comes with nails and can be mounted on wooden or drywall surfaces with ease. This easy-to-use magnetic mag storage piece helps gun owners utilize their wasted space and optimize small spaces, allowing for more gun accessory storage. Imagine your current gun storage space with more magazines, easier accessibility, and greater functionality! These magazine mounts are intended for mags that are made of metal and are not intended for plastic or plastic-coated mags. It is also able to handle up to 3 lbs and can fit multiple mags at a time. In addition to optimizing your space to store more magazines, this magnetic storage solution also helps you reduce the risk of accidents and keeps mags handy in the event of a home intrusion. Nothing brings greater peace of mind than knowing that your gun accessories are out of reach and view of your children but are still accessible so that you can defend yourself and your family at the very moment a threat presents itself. Gun Storage Solutions is a family company that designs, manufactures, and packages products here at home in the USA. Our goal is ultimate practical storage that works for your lifestyle and gun collection. We believe in supporting the local economy and in carrying out all operations in our home state of Illinois. By choosing our products, you’re supporting American manufacturers and contributing to the health of the American economy.


  • Holds metal magazines - not recommended for plastic or plastic coated magazines (e.g. Glock)
  • Adheres to metal surfaces
  • Nails provided to apply to a wooden or drywall/fabric covered surface
  • 3" x 10" of magnetic space available
  • 3 pound weight limit

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Gun Safes Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Mount $9.95

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